Community Transport Volunteer

Community Transport Volunteers provide a vital service to the WA community. As a community service volunteer in the transport role, you would provide transport and companionship to people who otherwise would be unable to attend medical appointments.

Commitment: One 4 or 9 hour shift per week (minimum of one shift per fortnight)
Location: Various locations across the metropolitan area.
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Community Transport Volunteer
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Are you free during the week to drive people to and from appointments and provide a reassuring smile and friendly conversation?

“You get far more out of it than you put in. Not only do you get immense pleasure by making such a difference to people who need it the most, but it really expands your own horizons and self-worth. Quite simply, being a Community Transport Volunteer makes me feel good.”

Rebekah, Community Transport Volunteer

Community Transport Volunteer Rebekah

Accomplish something that really matters to people, and to you – become a Community Transport Volunteer today.

Your journey with St John awaits – apply now!

Is this you?

  • Are you friendly and have a strong desire to help others?
  • Are you comfortable working with the elderly, people with disabilities or decreased mobility?
  • Are you happy to work solo or in a group setting?
  • Do you have a professional attitude and excellent communication skills?
  • Are you physically able to stow equipment?

What your role involves

  • Collecting a community transport vehicle (St John car) and necessary equipment from a central location to you.
  • Driving clients to and from appointments, including residential, health & medical facilities.
  • Helping, reassuring and providing companionship to clients.
  • Transferring any necessary client belongings (wheelchair, personal belongings) to and from appointments.

Our Community Transport Volunteers

  • Volunteer one 4 or 9 hour shift per week (or a minimum of one shift per fortnight).
  • Wear the provided uniform - a green polo shirt and black pants.
  • Obtain a Provide First Aid Certificate - free of charge from St John to you.
  • Will have a current unrestricted C Class (or higher) driver's licence.

Skills you will develop
  • Learn vital first aid skills.
  • Build greater communications skills and self-confidence.
  • Enhance career options and gain new life experiences.
  • Learn team work and create connections with like-minded people.
  • Improve your mental and physical health and happiness.
Free Training Available
  • Provide First Aid Certificate
  • Level 1 & Level 1.5 St John Ambulance scope of practice
  • Continual Education Program
  • Hospital Induction (if required)

Volunteering locations

Shifts commence at various locations across the metropolitan area.

Additional information

Benefits to you
  • Free first aid training
  • Free ambulance cover for yourself, spouse and dependents, as specified by St John Ambulance WA 
  • Free uniform
  • Free training in all skills and clinical training relating to your volunteer role
  • Pathway to Cert IV in Ambulance Care for all volunteers who seek   accredited training
  • Annual St John Conference and dinner dance in Perth, to which all volunteers are invited, with cost heavily subsidised.
  • National and international recognition for your volunteering and community contribution
  • Access to all Volunteer Member Benefits including corporate discounts and other ad hoc offers and specials.
Recruitment Method

To become a volunteer with St John Ambulance Western Australia, you will be asked to complete an on-line application, including a medical questionnaire and submit a National Police check. The on-line application is available from:

Ongoing training

All our volunteers are provided with the necessary training to enable them to carry out their role. To continue to operate in your role, you must maintain the competencies required and an appropriate level of fitness as roles are physically demanding.


All information concerning our volunteers is treated as strictly confidential at all times.


Your volunteering for St John Ambulance should not cost you anything. We will reimburse all legitimate out of pocket expenses incurred during your time volunteering with us. You should talk to your supervisor to confirm what expenses you can claim.

Award & recognition

St John Ambulance has a long history of recognising the outstanding contributions volunteers make to the organisation. We seek to recognise all volunteers and there are a number of distinguished national awards that you can be eligible for including our internal reward and recognition program.

Workplace Behaviour Policy

Volunteers at St John are expected to abide by the work place behaviour policy and relevant procedures. The policy and procedures are available for view on the intranet.

Safety Injury & Support Services

Volunteers will be informed of the Occupational Safety and Health requirements applicable to volunteers. Safety Injury and Support Services provide extensive information about their services and policies on the intranet.

Wellbeing & Support Services

St John places a very high value on the health and wellbeing of their volunteers and provides an extensive support network through its confidential Wellbeing and Support program, accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.